Tell Us: What Questions Would You Ask to Rush and McMurtry?

We're curious to see what Dedham residents want to talk about with State Representative McMurtry and Senator Rush.


There are a lot of hot-button issues that are going around like abortion, imigration, employment, and healthcare.

But if you had one-on-one time with Representative McMurtry or Senator Rush, what would you ask them?  What issues matter most to you?

Leave comments below.

Avon Barksdale September 12, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Apparently they will both be at the Manor neighborhood meeting talking about rehabbing foreclosed homes. So were they aware of the funds recently made available by the Attorney General? From her website: "HomeCorps Partnership Grants: Municipal and Community Restoration Grants (Community Restoration Grant) which is designed to assist Massachusetts and its communities mitigate the impacts of the foreclosure crisis on cities and towns, revitalize distressed neighborhoods and communities that have suffered the impact of foreclosure clusters, promote home ownership and affordable housing in our communities, and related revitalization goals, all through innovative programs funded by Community Restoration Grants." http://www.mass.gov/ago/about-the-attorney-generals-office/community-programs/ago-grants/municipal-and-community-restoration-grants.html It seems like Dedham didn't get a piece of this action, did we apply? If not, why not? Are there plans to obtain funds for this purpose? Are there any non-profit redevelopment agencies who would partner with Dedham on projects like this?


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