Behind the Biz: Kerry Lundblad of Armando Cassano Hair Studio

For Kerry Lundblad, his inspiration for cutting hair comes from the music he loves.


There are many hair stylists in Dedham, but what seperates Kerry Lundblad from the rest is how music inspired him to do hair.

"I did the college thing and the corporate thing, but I was always into the music," he said. "And as a client I would try to go to the edgier hair stylist to reflect that."

For Lundblad, it was hard to find a hair stylist who was able to do just that.  That's when he decided to enter the hair industry himself so he can give clients the chance to have personalized hair styles that reflect a personlaity and not just "another cookie cutter mold."

"A lot of my ideas come from music," Lundblad said. "It's definitely my driving force and I'm always amazed on how these artists are able to wear different hair styles every day."

But there are other reasons Lundblad entered the hair industry.  He remembers growing up watching his grandparents work in a barber shop.

"They came over from Italy and decided to open a shop," he said. "I remember wathing my grandfather cut hair while my grandmother offered salon services."

But he always knew that he wanted to do more.  In fact, he refers to himself more of a designer than a hair stylist.

Lundblad worked in several hair salons in Boston but now works at Armando Cassano Hair Studio, 367 Washington St. in Dedham.  He loves that he will be giving Dedham residents a chance to experience a "high quality" haircut for the fraction of the price.

"The last thing I wanna do is be an old hair dresser dude doing the same thing," Lundblad said. "That is not going to be me."

Jenn Neubaum September 22, 2013 at 11:06 AM
Amy Nachbar & Kerry Lundblad are friends with benefits! & music groupie hoho's


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