Fitness Tips from DHAC: Break's Over!

By Sarah L. Caracciolo Dedham Health and Athletic Complex Assistant Fitness Director


81 days. Ugh. It’s been 81 days exactly since my last real workout.

This is the sentence I said to myself moments before I went in to teach my first BodyPump class after returning from my maternity leave. I wasn’t nervous about teaching…that’s always been like riding a bike for me.

I was nervous about how I was going to cope with the workout and manage the soreness the next day. The mere thought of it all almost made me call out sick. Regardless of how nervous I was, I had no choice so I put on my big girl pants and away we went.

So, what did I do different? Well, I still feel a bit sore, but I was smart about the way that approached my first workout. It is so common to get “over motivated” that we push ourselves too hard and then end up sore for the next 5+ days. That is nothing but negative and who wants to do anything that feels negative? Not me!!

If you are returning after a long break, or even just starting for the first time, take it easy! There is so much to be said for slowly progressing your workouts. Exercise should be a lifestyle, not a hobby or random event so don’t rush things!

Start slow to avoid the soreness, discomfort, and potential injury and enjoy the ride! Hydrate and allow your body to adjust slowly. 81 days is a long time to go without exercise but 5 days seems even longer when you are sore and in pain. See you at the gym!


Sarah L. Caracciolo is the Assistant Fitness Director at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex, 200 Providence Hwy. in Dedham.


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