Ryan Thomas
As a writer who seeks sustenance in all forms, I have worked for various freelance employers writing informational articles on assorted niche topics to the insipid extremities (including SEO, real estate, and even septic pumps). As graduate of Bridgewater State University with a B.A. in English, I've contributed on several occasions to the school's student-run newspaper (including album, concert, and T.V. show reviews).
My greatest passions involve any form of human expression, observing society with all its corresponding habits and anomalies, but mostly music; thus, as a journalist (my decided professional outlet), I am strongly compelled to cover and write about stories involving such (from the ambitious and overeager to the highly accomplished, whether deserved or not). I do tend to avoid the gravitational tendencies of groupthink in generating an opinion as one who develops viewpoints through only great scrutiny and ample reconnaissance. I will be attending Emerson in the fall of 2011 for grad school to study print journalism and ride the transition of the industry to its eventual paperless landing spot.  My blog URL is ohstrayman.blogspot.com.
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