Letters To The Editor: Chief of Police Thanks Town for "National Night Out 2012"

Chief of Police feels that the event was a great success.


August 9, 2012

Re: Thank you to all who organized and participated in “National Night Out 2012”.

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Dedham Police Department, I would like to sincerely thank all the individuals, organizations and businesses who coordinated and participated in Dedham’s “National Night Out 2012” celebration.  This is the second year that this national public safety campaign has been recognized and celebrated in Dedham.  

Four days of events were organized from August 4 - August 7, 2012. The key organizers included representatives from four civic groups and one local business: Dedham Square Circle, Manor Neighborhood Association, Mother Brook Community Group, the Oakdale Square Alliance, and Walgreens. Each civic group aims to bring people together to improve the quality of life and economic prosperity in their neighborhood, and the town of Dedham. “National Night Out 2012” provided an opportunity for the entire community to unite to raise awareness about public safety, and crime and drug abuse prevention.  

The following events took place throughout town:
 Prescription drugs and mercury thermometers were collected at Walgreens in order to properly dispose of these potentially dangerous and no longer necessary items.
 Young artists created pictures with a public safety/crime prevention theme.  These masterpieces were displayed in businesses town wide.  
 Junior detectives tackled the “Case of the Missing Cake” during a live game of Clue.  Once the case was solved, the detectives listened to a presentation on stranger danger and internet safety.
 A spirited softball game was played with Dedham High School student athletes contending against members of the Police Department.
 Several hundred citizens visited the police station to tour the building, explore cruisers, and view equipment.
 Children enjoyed story time and activities at the Dedham Public Library and the Blue Bunny.
 An informative discussion took place regarding drug abuse at the Paradise Cafe.
An illuminated group of crime watchers were joined by District Attorney Michael Morrissey as they strolled the streets of the Manor neighborhood.
 Movie night at Condon Park featuring Scooby Doo.

The Police Department looks forward to building on the success of these events, and continued partnerships with all members of our community.

Our successful “National Night Out 2012” events were made possible because of the help provided by and charitable contributions made from the following groups and individuals:

Dedham Square Circle, Manor Neighborhood Association, Mother Brook Community Group, Oakdale Square Alliance, Walgreens, Dedham Board of Selectman, All Seasons Rent-All of Norwood, Dedham Parks and Recreation, Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council, Endicott Estate,  Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office, Terri’s Market, Tedeschi Food Shops, Custom Art Framing in Norwood, the Dedham Board of Selectmen, McGolf, Curtis Newton Lumber, Showcase Cinema, Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream, King’s, Dedham Public Library, Blue Bunny Bookstore, Café Paradise, Norwood Police Department, Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, Dedham High School Athletic Department, Dedham High School student athletes, Coach Dave Flynn, Coach Bob Lyons, young artists town wide, William Keegan, Chris Ryan, Stephanie Radner, Joanne Scaramuzzo, Rich Campagna, Charlie Krueger, Dan Hart, Rita and Lloyd Cushman, Robertha Civitarese, Amy Haelson, Jim Maher, Bob Stanley, John Fitzhenry, Paul McMurtry, Carmen DelloIaconno, Sheriff Mike Bellotti,  Dedham police officers, detectives, dispatchers and civilian personnel, Janet Mattozzi, Enis Mattozzi, Ziad Greige, Steve Davey, District Attorney Michael Morrissey, ADA Jen Rowe, ADA David Traub, Heather Pina, Tracy Driscoll, John and Julia Healy, Cara Crisafulli, Dedham Public Library, Janet Reynolds, Pat Reilly, Dr. Mary Ann Tricarico Doug Rockwell, Michael Power, Dedham Patch, myDedham, Dedham Transcript, Dedham Times, Boston.com and Martha and Paul Zeolla.

Many thanks to all,
Michael d’Entremont
Chief of Police


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