Dedham Recreation and Fire Departments Foam Day a Success

Hundred of children lined up for annual event.


Moments before Dedham Firefighter Jared "duck" Blaney gave the signal to start the hour long flow of foam, we took a look around the field at the Ju Ju Mucciaccio pool. It was a beautiful morning, and hundreds of children - along with their parents, grandparents, and Summer camp counselors - were lined up and ready to make the mad dash out on to the grass. 

The East Dedham Fire Department`s Foam Unit was in place, with Chief William Cullinane looking over the excited crowd. Director Bob Stanley and a group of Summer workers stood by, anxiously waiting for the long hose and large red funnel to begin spraying. Parents were lining up around the perimeter of the field, with cameras and goggles and towels ready to go. 

What really caught our eye however, was Ju Ju Mucciaccio himself - a towel around his neck , with his Summer 2012 T-shirt covering his bathing suit - standing alone in the middle of the field. The smile on his face and the look in his eyes, reflected a great amount of pride that this "decades" old town tradition has evoked. 

A Dedham Firefighter standing next to us, now in his 30's, leaned over and recalled running out in to the foam himself ... when he was four! He said it was always one of the most exciting days of Summer vacation. Judging by the  laughter and joy from all those at this year`s annual event - it still is.

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