Shorthanded - Dedham Metrowest Team Stands Strong

Dedham beat Framingham 54-36.


To say that Dedham Coach John Maida was a little apprehensive, going in to last weekends game, would have been an understatement. When the season began a couple of months ago, Maida had narrowed down his search to 11 players, the best combination of talent available.

With over 25 years of coaching under his belt, John Maida "saw something" in each of the boys that made up this 7th grade Metrowest Basketball Team. Each individual,brought their own talent to the team, and week after week they have proven to be unbeatable. Coach Maida has stressed though, that it has been their "teamwork" that has contributed to these victories.

Facing an away game in Framingham, on a long holiday weekend, Coach Maida received some very unsettling news. His veteran speedster, Brian Tavares, was out for the remainder of the season with an ankle injury. This, on top of the fact that Nick Loring, Ty Scurry, and Ty Rowell, would not be available to play.

On Sunday, his remaining 7 players, lined up against almost double that amount of boys. At the end of the first quarter, Dedham was clinging to a 4 point lead, 13-9. It was the ever consistent play of Dylan Maida (5 pts. - 6 rebounds - 5 assists - 4 steals) that allowed Dedham to take a 22-13 lead at the half. Corey Kilroy stepped up, with 2 offensive rebounds that he sank for points, along with his defensive boards and a steal. Mark Rella came off the bench for 3 important rebounds, while David Logan and Brandon Ruiz combined for 6 pts. - 2 rebounds - 2 assists - 5 steals.

It was the continued hot hands of Davin Sweeney (season high - 23 pts. and 7 rebounds) and Liam Dorsey (16 pts. and 1 rebound) that put the Dedham boys ahead to stay! Taking a 40-25 lead in to thestart of the fourth quarter, the Dedham Metrowest team won it's 7th straight game, shorthanded, by a score of 54-36. Next up will be the most challenging game of the season, against an equally talented team of boys from Norwood (6W - 1L)


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