Senior Year Costs: Surviving the SATs

The price of SATs and ACTs can be very expensive.... Here is a breakdown of what you can expect financially.

Most often, when one hears the words ‘senior year’ one thinks back to the days of almost-freedom; of living each moment with no regrets and looking forward to the first big step into the real world.

But what is usually suppressed in everyone’s memory are the prices senior year can rack up.

Now I admit going to an all-girls Catholic school is a tad different from attending public school. Unlike Dedham High, when a girl chooses to go to Ursuline Academy, her parents pay for her enrollment.

My parents have paid six whole years worth of tuition so I can wear a green plaid skirt and walk around with the status of a ‘six year survivor.’

Differences aside, both public and private school students end up having to pay a lot in order to even start applying to colleges.

Before anything else, high school students must take the SATs.

Just to register you have to shell out $50!

But then come the details:

  • Registration by phone costs an additional $15,
  • If you need to change the date or location of testing you would need to pay another $26.

It's even pricier if you happen to live outside of the country or wish to send your scores to a college that's not located in the United States.

If you feel you need to show off your personal accomplishments in a particular subject there are the SAT subject tests which are completely different from the regular SATs over which people like to lose sleep.

SAT subject tests are standardized tests that challenge students on their knowledge of a particular subject, i.e. English, AP Biology, Spanish, etc.

Colleges really like to see definite interest in specific areas so taking and doing well on a SAT subject test shows how much you really care.

And if you really do care, then you would be more than willing to pay $23 along with an additional $12 for each subject.

The ACTs are fairly close to the price range of the SATs, with the exception that if you wish to take the non-writing version it will cost $35, whereas if you choose to take the ACT with an essay you would need to pay $50.50.

For those of you who are also wondering what the difference is between the two tests the ACTs are geared more towards the math and science lovers while the SATs focus a little more on English.

Most of my classmates have taken the ACTs along with the SATs even though colleges do say that they do not need to receive both.

But if you feel that your strengths lie outside of math and science- take the ACTs.  You may even find yourself to be more relaxed about taking the exam.

Fred September 15, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Great article Ms Craven ... But was the last paragraph backwards - the SAT's focus on English more so one would take thos if her strength lay outside of math and science ... right?


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