Riverdale Elementary Unveils New C.A.R.E. Program

Each week, in each class, teachers are asked to select two students that have demonstrated C.A.R.E. qualities to be considered “CARE Student of the Month.”


In years past, Riverdale Elementary, much like most schools, would choose a “star of the week/month.” This student would be recognized for an act or their hard work, that went above and beyond what was expected from them.

This year, the first for Principal Dr. Krista Lucas, the school has taken that idea one step further.

Dr. Lucas has implemented a program called C.A.R.E.  (Care for others – Achieve excellence – Reach goals – Enjoy success) at the school.

Principal Lucas and her staff, met and agreed that they want all of the children at the Riverdale School to be successful – both academically and socially.

C.A.R.E. is a way of helping students to self-manage and succeed in a variety of settings and situations.Dr. Lucas recognizes, that a “one-size fits all” program may work for one child, but perhaps not for another.

This program is modeled after extensive research (schoolwide positive behavior support) and uses a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to learning.

The goal of the C.A.R.E. program, is for the Riverdale Staff to work closely with students, rewarding them for good behavior/effort, rather than waiting to identify and react to problems that have already occurred.

Each week, in each class, teachers are asked to select two students that have demonstrated C.A.R.E. qualities. At the end of each month, teachers select one of these weekly honorees and that student is named: “CARE Student of the Month.”

Dr. Lucas is proud to announce the September students that have been chosen for this award.

In grade 1, Nicolette Brown and Matthew Mulvey – grade 2, Brody Spencer and Cody Schofield – grade 3, Daniel Sullivan and Kaitlin Sullivan – grade 4, Gabriel Emerson and Sarah Henao – grade 5, Kristofor Cuello-Ziu and Griffin O`Connor.

Congratulations go out to Principal Lucas, her staff and the wonderful students at the Riverdale Elementary School.


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