Oakdale Elementary Opens School Year Like a Well-Oiled Machine

First day of school at Oakdale Elementary.

Despite an early morning rain – forcing the school`s 320 plus students and their parents to gather inside in the gym – coupled with a day that had almost a 100 percent humidity, the Oakdale Elementary School in Dedham began the new year recently without a hitch.

This September will make the 23rd “first day of school” that Holli Armstrong has had as an educator – her 8th year as Principal at Oakdale. Ms. Armstrong and her teachers have opening day down to a science!

During the month of August, a letter was sent home to students – updating them on staff changes, reminding them to complete and return their Summer work, letting them know what to expect at school, and informing them of some of the exciting things planned for September.

The custodians had the old building ready and teachers had come by to set up their classrooms.

However, like every Elementary School across the country, most of the morning`s attention was focused on the 60 plus first grade students.

Wide-eyed and a bit anxious, the boys and girls all listened to Principal Armstrong`s words of support and encouragement before coming together for a group photo.

Under the watchful eyes of their “new teachers”, Ms. Armstrong had them all “blow a kiss” to their parents – before lining up and going off to their classrooms… the first steps in their twelve year journey through the Dedham Public Schools.


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