MCAS Scores Released, One Class Struggles

The MCAS results were released and it's mostly good news- but 4th grade class is struggling.


MCAS exams for Dedham's public school were released, and the district did well as a whole, but there is one class that is struggling.

For Dedham High School there was good news because only 1% failed 10th grade science.  And the majority of students did very well in English and Math- no one failed.  So it was no surprise that the school ranks above average in the commonwealth.

The elementary schools were all above average, except for one.  At the Riverdale School, 31% of its 4th grade students failed the English exam- ranking the school 632 out of 936, according to the Massachusetts Department of Education.  However it's important to know that Riverdale students were above average with everything else.

The MCAS was taken in the Spring of this year.  If you would like to see how well your school did, you can find all of the scores here.


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