Greenlodge Students Raise Funds, Cafe Style

The 5th grade class spent two weeks preparing for the event.


The Greenlodge Elementary School students have done many fundraisers that have included selling pies, wreaths and raking leaves.  But the 5th grade class wanted to do something different and mothers, Shannon Francis and Chris Haggerty decided to organize a cafe fundraiser.

Michelle Mammone is a parent for one of the students and was very happy to see how successful the cafe was.

"It's great to see these kids take their responsibilities seriously," Mammone said. "This is their thing and they worked hard for this, and have been working at this for the last couple of weeks."

Students were assigned to be cooks, waitresses, pastry chefs, hosts and cashiers. And were responsible for creating a positive atmosphere for guests.

"My daughter is taking her waitress job very seriously, I couldn't even talk with her because she told me she needed to get orders to the tables," one parent said.

Within the first hour The Endicott Estate was packed.  But the students were able to set up extra tables and maintain a waiting area.

All of the money raised from the cafe will go to 5th grade activities, yearbooks, graduation, supplies and trips.  And whatever is leftover at the end of the year will be presented as a gift to the school.


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