ECEC Celebrates America Recycles Day

The Early Childhood Education Center held an assembly for the school to show the importance of recycling.


Today is America Recycles Day and the students at the Early Childhood Education Center were ready to learn and pledge to do their part.

During the assembly students were able to learn how to recycle bottles, cans and paper. They were also taught that by throwing out their empty bottles in a recycling bin, that's one easy way to help keep the earth clean.

Principal Jessica Hammond read the book, "Our Class is Going Green" to the students to teach them how to recycle.

The assembly concluded with the students reciting a pledge to recycle and a song about keeping the earth clean.

domenic stagno November 16, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I am very happy to hear about the Re-Cycling issue presented to students.As a next topic, which I feel is related,I would recommend a program on littering in the town of Dedham. We need to train our students to respect public property as well as private property. This is a problem throughout our great country. We have so much freedom in this country and sometimes I feel that this freedom is abused by littering. This is an adult issue as well as children so I would consider inviting parents. One needs to travel no further than tio Canada to see clean streets, where somehow people grow up with respect for public property. The property may be public but we all make up the "public"! Thank you for listening and all your good work that you already do. Domenic C. Stagno


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