Dedham Middle School Holds Annual Fundraiser

Dedham Middle School students get creative with their fundraising techniques..


Let's be honest here. When was the last time you had a youngster approach you, holding a pamphlet and pencil, asking if "you'd like to buy a candy bar..." or perhaps, "do you need some wrapping paper, pot holders, candles...?"

If you are the parent - grandparent - brother - sister - aunt - uncle - neighbor - or co-worker of anyone attending school or playing sports - you seem to be always reaching for your wallet. It`s just the way things are these days.

Well, thanks to the continued hard work and effort of parent volunteer Tricia Girouard and a team of tireless homeroom teachers - things are different for the students at the Dedham Middle School. They concentrate on this, the largest fundraiser of the year!

A note came home a couple of weeks ago, asking for "our help" and support for their Annual Magazine Drive. The folks at American Publishers put together a booklet, filled with choices - almost 1,000 different magazines. They were being offered at about 2/3 off the news-stand price and 40 percent of all profits was going directly to the school. The thousands of dollars raised each year is crucial, to fund student activities and events. Such a better deal than a $5.00 candy bar.

To make things even more interesting, each of the DMS homerooms (grades 6,7,8) were competing for the most sales. As they have done each year, for as long as we can remember, the top five classrooms get to compete in the "Annual Pig Race" held in the gym.

This year, the students of Ms. Lyons, Ms. Thompson, and Mr. Warren from grade 6 - along with the boys and girls of Ms. Nigohosian and Ms. Cummings from grade 7 - made it to the race. With her camera in hand, Art Teacher Arlene Tracey captured all of the action, as the five mechanical pigs took off across the gym floor. When the dust settled, it was the sixth graders from Lauren Thompson`s homeroom that had won the race, champs of the 2012 - 2013 school year.

A great event that yielded great results, all the while building teamwork and supporting a good cause. If you happen to read this, don`t mention it to Tricia Girouard - she didn`t want "any credit" for her years of hard work keeping this event going


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