Dedham Elementary Schools Celebrate School Lunch Superhero Day

Students at Oakdale, Avery and Riverdale schools celebrated School Lunch Super Hero Day, honoring their cafeteria staff.


School Lunch Super Hero Day, honoring their cafeteria staff, was inspired by the Lunch Lady books, written and illustrated by Jarrett K. Krosoczka.  They are graphic novels (comics) about a lunch lady that saves the day with high tech kitchen gadgets when she is not serving meals to students.  Dedham students are going bananas over these fun books. 

Oakdale students celebrated their school lunch workers in a number of different ways. To better understand School Lunch Superhero Day the school lunch workers were presented with a copy of Jarrett Krosoczka’s very first lunch lady graphic novel, Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute.  Class cards as well as personal thank you cards were made for the school lunch workers during library time.

Over 300 thank you cards were given to our school lunch workers! As an added bonus, Oakdale students were encouraged to dress up as school lunch superheroes. Teachers and students could be seen on Friday, May 3rd wearing aprons, chef’s hats, hairnets, rubber gloves and carrying around kitchen utensils.

School Lunch Superhero Day was an exciting day for not only the school lunch workers at Oakdale but also the staff and students! Everyone is already asking how we will celebrate our school lunch workers next year!

Avery students watched a video presentation by author Jarrett Krosoczka about why he created “School Lunch Super Hero Day.”  Students then made their own comics or created their own super-powered kitchen utensils.  The Avery Student Council presented the cafeteria staff with a thank you banner that all students signed, as well as bouquets of origami flowers and thank you cards.

At Riverdale, members of the Student Council presented Mrs. Tambascio, the Riverdale school lunch lady with thank you cards. Some students created their own comics starring Mrs. Tambacsio and she also received paper flowers made by the first grade classes.  Mrs. Tambascio was very surprised when she came to the library and was greeted by so many smiling faces!


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