Caroling for Coins for the 4C`s For Kids Fund at Oakdale

The students were able to raise over $600 for the charity.


Six years ago, Oakdale Elementary School Principal Holli Armstrong began a tradition at the local school. On the Friday before Christmas vacation, the 300 plus students and teachers came in to school in their pajamas.

Each student was asked to bring in a small bag of coins (thanks Mom and Dad) and Ms. Armstrong led her 5th grade Student Council around the school "Caroling for Coins." Each year, the money raised (upwards of $600) was donated by the school to a local charity.

Four years ago, lifelong Dedham resident, Mark Consentino, established his non-profit 4C's For Kids Fund.

What started as a 40-person backyard party, to raise money to benefit children and their families have a better life, has turned in to a very worthy local charity.

Consentino and his Fund has drawn hundreds of local residents to his "Fun For Kids" Summer event, has raised almost $10,000 in donations for Boston's Children`s Hospital, and has collected and donated hundreds of toys and games to the Home For Little Wanderers and the Dedham Youth Commission.

Mark also has dreams, that his 4C's For Kids Fund will include charitable donations to our local educational institutions. He wishes to focus on education, development and the social aspects of local children here in Dedham.

While working on this year's successful Oakdale Toy Drive, Principal Armstrong became more familiar with the 4C's For Kids Fund and, for the first time, these two local humanitarians joined forces.

As the Oakdale student council wrapped up their "Caroling for Coins" fundraiser, the hundreds of little bags of change were put together and presented to Mr. Consentino, to be used by our local children from our local children.


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