Avery Institute Begins Seventh Year

This year, the Summer Institute offers 28 different courses, and boys and girls can choose among a wide variety of options.


Back in the Summer of 2006, Principal Clare Sullivan
began a program at her school, to run during the month of July. Modeled after the successful Wrentham Summer School program (now in it's 18th year), the
plan was to offer the children of Dedham (grades K - 5) something fun to do in 
the Summer, at a safe environment, along with their peers.

That first year, a handful of children signed up, but the response and positive
feedback that Sullivan and her staff received motivated them to continue.

The following year, nine different courses were offered and approximately 70 boys and girls signed on. Since 2007, the Avery Summer Institute has continued to evolve and expand.

Now for the first year in their new building, we recently stopped by the Avery 
to check in on the teachers and their students. Principal Sullivan met us at
the front desk and as classes began, she showed us around. This year, the 
Summer Institute is offering 28 different courses, and more than 160 students have signed up so far. Boys and girls can choose among a wide variety of options.

There is the always popular offerings by Avery Secretary Rose Gianopoulos, Creative Cupcakes and Fun with Sugar. Ms. Chaboudy has a waiting list with her class, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. There are Gym classes, Math or Science, Arts and Crafts, Book Clubs and even Music Courses offered by the folks at the Dedham School of Music. The facility is state of the art and there was excitement in the air everywhere we went.

The Avery Summer Institute runs through the Month of July and openings are still available in some classes. It`s never too late to join the fun.

For more info you can contact the Avery Elementary School - located at 336 High St. in Dedham or call (781) 326-5354


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