What to Know For Dedham's 2014 Annual Town Meeting Monday

Find out the standout articles to be voted on, and read the full ATM warrant prior to the meeting.

Credit Dedham Patch file photo.
Credit Dedham Patch file photo.

Dedham is set to hold its Annual Town Meeting Monday night, when voters will weigh in on a number of warrant articles focused on such issues as the town's proposed municipal campus and proposed amendments to the town's bylaws regarding private ways. 

The meeting is set to begin at 7 p.m. Monday in the Dedham High School auditorium, and arrives just one week after Dedham's annual "Mini Town Meeting," an informational session meant to educate voters and Town Meeting members on the standout articles on this year's warrant.

The Mini Town Meeting focused on the two main articles on this year's warrant: Article 19, which focuses on the purchase of the Ames Schoolhouse for a proposed Municipal Campus project, and Article 33, which focuses on proposed changes to the town bylaws related to repairs and improvements to private ways. For more information on these two articles, click here

Cheryl Schoenfeld, a Precinct 7 Town Meeting member and Chair of the same precinct, said while those two articles will most likely be the standout items for ATM on Monday, two others may receive heightened attention. 

One is Article 24, which looks to amend the town's zoning bylaws to establish a Medical Marijuana Overlay District to provide for the location/placement of registered marijuana dispensaries in accordance with the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana Act. 

The other is Article 28, which looks to amend Dedham's zoning bylaws to establish an Arts Overlay District to encourage the development, preservation and enhancement of arts-related uses in East Dedham. 

To read the full warrant for Monday's Town Meeting, click here >>


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