Square Project Update: Keystone Parking Lot Retaining Wall, Sidewalk Reconstruction Continues

The reconstruction of the Keystone Parking Lot retaining wall is scheduled to continue this week, along with more sidewalk reconstruction.


See the attached report from Dedham Square Improvement Project officials for an update on the project, and planned closings this week.

Dan O'Neil August 07, 2012 at 05:37 PM
I am all for progress in the square, but did any rational thought go into this? Sidewalks are going to get bigger and the street smaller. I get that we want the businesses to thrive and that's a good thing, but here's the thing. That square is already impossible to park in and already difficult to navigate. You have folks coming from eastern ave who don't get the concept of right of way and people almost getting run down in crosswalks and now you are going to have spaces that are diagonal across from that Centre Deli Strip set up similar to where Dedham House of Pizza is. Backing out of a space at Washinton Street there is always tough, Doing where the Deli is will be a train wreck with the traffic. Here is another thing to consider, you have angry people driving in that square now, how many pedestrians are they going to be willing to stop for after facing these new pitfalls. I think this is an ill conceived plan and that no rational thought went into this. Again I'm all for improvement, but why cause traffic problems to do it. I see the construction and in the winter time especially this is gonna be a shame and it's gonna get ugly.
Dotty Perry August 08, 2012 at 12:24 AM
I hope they don't install those idiotic grass strips between the sidewalk and street (Bonham Rd: less than a foot wide- REALLY???). They aren't being cared for well by abutting homeowners and the public works employees shouldn't be obligated to try to keep up with all of them. I'd rather see them working on more worthwhile projects. The grass strips look scraggly and horrible and take away necessary road footage. Then there are those who choose to plant trees in those strips! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? The trees grow up into the wires, down into the water, sewer and gas lines, and buckle the pavement on the streets and sidewalks. Look at Sanderson Ave, for instance. Many more of our tax dollars down the drain for maintenance and damage that will last the life span of each tree, and more unnecessary work for DPW. Please do us a favor and DON'T put these grass striips in the square.


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