Rep. Lynch Sounds Off on Host of National Issues

Stephen Lynch met with Dedham residents Monday morning.

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-Boston) fielded questions from Dedham residents Monday morning at the as part of a "Congress on your Corner" event. 

Here are some of his comments on various issues:

Trade Agreements

"Maybe there was a time that we were doing so well in this country with jobs and our industrial base that we could afford to make deals like that - but those days are gone. We are trading away jobs left and right."

Occupy Movement

"I was wondering where the anger was when they did that - over $700 billion for the banks. I was furious, because I knew what was going on. I think the issue was a little bit more complex than people could appreciate immediately. Now you see these folks down at Occupy Wall Street, and I think they are getting it."

"Compare 2007 to 2011, we are delivering 40 billion less pieces of mail. Part of it is the economy. A lot of people are on email. ... We have 37,000 post offices in America today. We don't need 37,000 post offices."

Health Care Reform

"[An anti-trust exemption] allows the companies in that industry act in a non-competitive manner. As long as we do that, insurance companies will not have the initiative or the impetus to lower prices."

"That testing, and passing that test, is the great motivator for some jurisdictions. On the other hand, it seems to be getting at those jurisdictions that were totally ablactate their responsibilities. It made the very poorest schools better, but it created a low-norm. It dragged down some of the excellent schools. ... [Massachusetts was] doing so much better before the national standards."


"Personally, I'm not sure if meeting the timetable will allow enough time to have a structure in place that will avoid total collapse. It is a race against time to get enough of those people trained up before we pull out."


"I've come to the point where I think they are gaming us. I voted to zero out the Pakistani [aid]. I'm looking to send them a message. If we are putting our sons and daughters in harms way to try to create stability in that area, and they are taking action that increases the danger to our sons and daughters, then I've got a problem with that."

Quip of the day

"Congress gets the lowest [popularity] rating. I'm between the Taliban and the swine flu."


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