Rachel McGregor Believes Providing Transparency is Key for Dedham's School Committee

Rachel McGregor is running for a seat on Dedham's school committee and she wants to increase the amount of parent involvement in the school system. And McGregor believes that providing transparency on key issues will accomplish that.


Rachel McGregor decided to run for a seat on Dedham's school committee because of the changes that are going to take place within the next year.  She believes that parents should be more involved in the decisions, so providing transparency for the whole community will be one of her goals.

"The more conversations we have the stronger we become as a public school district," McGregor said.

McGregor has been involved as an educator for 25 years and is a literacy specialist.  And she is excited about being involved in the school committee because of the changes that will soon take place, such as setting the common course standard and the new teacher evaluation system.

"I think it's important to become a part of the process," she said. "Because our goal is to determine what is best for our children, what is best for Dedham's children, and our goal as a community."

Three of her children have gone through Dedham Public Schools. Her oldest daughter and middle son went to Riverdale Elementary, and her youngest son goes to Oakdale Elementary.  And she was involved in the school council for both schools.

"I've always been involved and I really think that the school committee is the heart of the schools," she said.  "It took me so long to decide because it is such an important role."

McGregor also plans on improving the amount of engagement within the community.  And believes that every parent should be involved even if their child goes to a private school.

"Whether we have children in the public schools or not, we all are a part of the Dedham public schools," she said. "It's about making our children excited about our schools."

Dan O'Neil February 28, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Mrs. MacGregor, the biggest issue I see is at the Middle School/HS level. Teachers there hide behind the online tool that gives the list of assignments and shows what has and what hasn't been handed in and gives test scores. Sometimes these teachers don't update this for a month and a parent finds out way after the fact that there child is failing or not ghanding in assignments timely, My nephew almost stayed back twice because of this. I urged teachers to tell me if he was slipping and none of them emailed me or his father and they had both emails and phone numbers. I understand at this stage in his education much of the blame should go to to him the student, but at the same time if the teacher is not telling us anything until a month later by punching that info in or sending the progress report half way through the term how do we help the teacher and the student. There is a huge disconnect right there. If you want my vote this is where you need to start.


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