POLL: Your Thoughts on School-Police Agreement

Should the district enforce the policy 52 weeks a year.


The Dedham Public School District is considering enforcing an outside-of-school .

This includes alcohol and drug possession and use, but also includes bullying, cyberbullying, assaults and other incidents.

Opponents have said it takes and gives more power to the school department.

Where do you stand? Answer the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Avon Barksdale April 18, 2012 at 03:17 PM
The whole argument that this agreement is "taking away parenting power" is fairly ridiculous. The MOU has some phrasing/structural problems, it seems to overreach a bit, and it's unclear on how privacy/confidentiality will be safeguarded. Those are all legitimate concerns. But the "I will parent my child, not the school" is just a screeching bumper sticker slogan with no real meaning. If a child - or an adult - commits a crime or an illegal act, there are consequences within the community. The schools are a part of that community and are inextricably linked with law enforcement and public safety agencies. The schools getting involved in the consequences delivered for offenses committed by enrolled youths - whether they are on campus, off-campus, during school hours/days or not - is a sensible concept. Whether or not the Dedham Public Schools has the capacity to do it properly is another matter entirely.


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