New WestCAT Director Aims to Broaden Westwood Programming

Adam Long was recently named as the Executive Director of Westwood Community Access Television.

In an ever-growing effort to provide the Town of Westwood with comprehensive coverage of town-wide events, meetings, and happenings, has appointed its first, full-time employee to the position of Executive Director. 

Adam Long, a Duxbury resident, was recently hired to the position, one that he found to be highly fitting for his experience when he applied. 

"I was looking on Craigslist for jobs in the video section, and this one came up and I applied for it," Long said. "It's very rare that you see something like that come up on Craigslist or any job-search website, that's something you went to school for, something that really interests you."

Because WestCAT's Board of Directors wanted to find the right person, an intensive interview process was conducted. Long went in for return interviews, and even gave a presentation to the Board to help paint a picture of his vision if he were hired. 

"It was a great experience," he said. "I'd never really had an interview that thorough."

Currently providing online programming, WestCAT's goal is to eventually be the main go-to cable access channel for all-things Westwood. WestCAT's website currently provides video coverage of municipal meetings, from the Westwood Board of Selectmen to the Planning Board. 

But down the road, the network hopes to cover as much as it can.

"We don't have any employees yet," Long said this week, "but we're hoping to get there. We don't even have a studio yet. I'm trying to take us from where we're at, which is on the Internet, to be up-to-par with the surrounding access stations that have nice studios." 

In terms of experience, Long said the new job is something he's excited for; it's an area for which he has a strong passion and track record. 

Having worked as a director of digital media for the Republican Party in Florida during the 2008 Presidential Election, as well as a producer for the Weymouth Educational Telecommunication Corporation, Long said he's more than ready to take the wheel of the vehicle that is WestCAT.

"At my old job, in Weymouth, I was just a producer, and we had an Executive Director over there," he said. "And now it's really nice that I took the time off and (WestCAT) gave me the opportunity." 

Long graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. He then went on to take classes as part of a Graduate program in Applied Communications at Fitchburg State College.

He has since taken a breather from his graduate studies, and hopes to resume courses online or during the weekends once he gets his feet wet with WestCAT. 

"The main reason I'm taking time off is that it's so far away, and I'm looking forward to going back," said Long, who currently lives in Duxbury, and looks to move to the Braintree area sometime in May. 

"It's more human resources, human communication, cultural communication," he said of his Graduate pursuits. "Less of the mass media stuff, more of how to deal with the general public, how to interview. I benefited from both Bridgwater and Fitchburg for the job I have now."

Long is already working hard in the role, and currently controls the content on WestCAT's website. As the network's official first, full-time employee, he is looking forward to the busy, but exciting, time ahead of him.

"I'm not exactly sure when this will all fall into place, and we'll get on the air, but I'm hoping sometime before the school year starts in September," he said. "Then, once we get on the air, I'm going to do a lot of outreach with workshops, just to get people in the door, and train people how to use the cameras and edit."

Last week, Mel Bernstein, Treasurer on the Board of WestCAT, introduced Long to the Westwood Board of Selectmen, who were more than welcoming to have someone full-time on board.

"There is certainly a pent-up interest in having this station expand its services with community-based programming," Selectmen Chair Nancy Hyde said. "I think the support is town-wide to help. We've just been a town that's been underserved."

Selectman Patrick Ahearn told Long he was in a good position to bring a creative element to where the future of WestCAT will lead.

"You have a lump of clay there, and there's nothing but molding to do," he said. "You're the potter, so congratulations."

For more information on WestCAT, click here.

Greg Agnew April 29, 2011 at 05:00 PM
Congrats to the newest member of the Westwood Community, Adam Long! As a member of the WestCAT Board of DIrectors, I can confidently say that we have chosen a superstar in the making that will be leaving his mark on the town wherever he may go. For years, the Town of Westwood has been cursed with a 1980's-style message board on Comcast Channel 8, but not for much longer as Adam continually develops our station into a content-filled network supporting both Verizon and Comcast customers! Lastly, as a side note, our official name is Westwood Community Access Television, not Cable Access. Many thanks to Westwood Patch for this article!
Matt Perkins April 29, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Thanks, Greg. Much appreciated . . . and thanks for the correction on the official name; I went ahead and corrected that.


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