Near Empty: Planning Board Growing Frustrated With Gas Station

Stop & Shop fuel station threatened to be shut down by the Dedham Planning Board.

Dozens of near-accidents, traffic back-ups and no plans on the horizon have the gas station on the brink of being shut down by the Dedham Planning Board, members said at a meeting last week.

Joseph Penny, director of development for the grocery store, said he has had meetings with town consultants on how to curtail traffic at the Providence Highway site, but they had not come up with plans as of yet.

The Planning Board last met with Penny three months ago and had requested that his company find a solution for what often are long lines that block traffic.

“Someone is gonna get killed there,” board member Ralph Steeves said. “If it’s not working the way it’s supposed to we’re gonna shut it down.”

The popular gas station has eight pumps and attracts many commuters especially around rush hour during the week. The gas station is typically one of the cheapest in Dedham, and offers a larger discount to grocery store shoppers, depending on how much they spend each month.

“Some customers come in with 300 to 400 points,” which will give them a 30 to 40 cent discount on gas per gallon, said Penny.

Penny added the Dedham location is the company’s busiest among their 80 fuel stations.

Planning Board member John Bethoney said the site is currently not operating under the approved guidelines by the town and told Penny they could shut them down.

“[But] we are willing to work with you,” Bethoney said.

The gas station could face the wrath of the Planning Board within a month.

“If we said we’d close you in two weeks, how fast can you get the plans to us?” Steeves said.

Board chairman Robert Aldous said in informal conversations with , they have fielded 60 to 70 calls to the fuel station because of traffic-related incidents. 

Board members told Penny to develop a plan and present it at the Oct. 12 meeting.

“[We] should keep them on a tight leash,” board member Michael Podolsky said.

Kim September 13, 2011 at 06:52 PM
I don't go anywhere near Stop & Shop anymore because of that gas station. It's not worth the hassle.
Susan September 30, 2011 at 04:53 PM
Honestly the roads are traffic in Dedham are terrible - and I pretty much avoid the town with the exception of Whole Foods. I have moved my pharmacy and weekly weekend breakfast eats out of Dedham.


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