Letter to Town Meeting Representatives about Senior Center Issue

We respectfully ask your suppot for Article 3 at the Special Town Meeting on Apr. 8.


As former members of the Town of Dedham Board of Selectmen, we often disagreed with one another on policies, procedures and priorities for the Town.  Indeed, our collective representation of he residents of Dedham literally spans decades.

With respect to Article 3 on the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting on Apr. 8, we have coalesced on this issue and collectively urge and encourage Town Meeting to SUPPORT Article 3 and direct the Town of Dedham to site a Senior Center on the grounds of the Endicott Estate.

Many groups have studied this issue for the past 30+ years, yet nothing tangible has come to fruition.  The time for our Senior Citizens is NOW and we collectively believe that Article 3 is the proper vehicle to bring this issue forward.

We respectfully ask your support for Article 3 at the Special Town Meeting on Apr. 8.

Thank you!

Francis W. O'Brien    Robert F. Chaffee

Stephen P. Rahavy    Marie-Louise Kehoe

Anthony V. Taurasi    Peter A. Zahka, II

Thomas R. Polito, Jr.  Frank Geishecker

Mark E. Engdahl

Holly dixon April 03, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Bravo to the above people for their support on the senior center. Enough with the bickering and debating. The Endicott Estate is the perfect location for the senior center i would like to be able to enjoy this center in the next year or two and not see another 30 years go bye before its built. Enough with green space and open air go for a walk on wilson mountain if you want fresh air and woood. this had to be settled once and for all so that all of us seniors ( and i am one) can finally see this happening. i would say most of the senior in town want this built at the endicott estate the ones opposing how many of you are even senior citizens??????
Fred Civian April 03, 2013 at 04:02 PM
The Senior Center Site Committee established by Town Meeting last November is hard at work, examining multiple sites in Town. At its recent meeting the members (including people on both sides of Article 3) agreed unanimously that a senior center in Dedham should be around 16,000 sq ft (interestingly, much bigger than the Endicott proposal.) For the first time Dedham has a town wide committee established by Town Meeting whose sole responsibility is to finally get us a senior center. Article 3 would disband this Committee, stop its work and delay any allocation of town funds for a senior center until November 2013 at the earliest. For decades the Selectmen and the Council on Aging have tried to get a senior center, and thanks to many people we are now closer than ever to succeeding. Say no to Article 3 and “Let The Committee Do Its Work.” Fred Civian Proud Dedham Senior
Avon Barksdale April 03, 2013 at 04:22 PM
"the ones opposing how many of you are even senior citizens?????" We will all be senior citizens one day, and many of us will still live in Dedham. You don't build a municipal center just for today, you invest in it for multiple generations. The idea that my opinion - as someone whose tax dollars will fund this enterprise for decades - is any less valuable than a current senior citizen's is ridiculous.


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