Letter to the Editor: O'Neil Responds to Mr. Keegan's Letter

Mr. O'Neil wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago about the construction in Dedham Square. He was unsatisfied with the plans. Soon after, Dedham's Town Administrator, William G. Keegan Jr. responded defending the plans. Mr. O'Neil now responds...

Dear Editor,

    I would like the opportunity to respond to Mr. Keegan’s letter from last week. As was quoted in my comments, the comments section at the end of my letter, and the end of his, I was misinformed about the angled parking near Centre Deli. That parking is actually going to be, and already is, in front of the police station which will contribute to the driving issues in that section left turn light or not. My opposition remains to be that driving pitfalls from the enlarged sidewalks and those angled spaces as my issue with the project, not any of the other improvements.
    I have to say I’m very flattered that he went to the trouble to respond to my letter, but at the same time while we’re on the subject this gentleman is also one of the many things wrong with this town. No I’m not saying Mr. Keegan is not qualified nor am I saying he is not competent. Here is my issue with Mr. Keegan. He doesn’t live here in Dedham. He lives in Scituate. He makes a six figure salary to be our town administrator and is given a gas stipend and is put up in the Dedham Hilton if there is in climate weather and he is unable to commute home.
    His original agreement was that he was to move to Dedham within one year. He never did. Instead he asked that the town charter be changed so that he could live outside Dedham and the Board of Selectman had the charter changed. I find this disturbing. Not only did the town allow him to keep his job even though he didn’t live here, they changed the law so he wouldn’t have to.  

And this was years back before the real estate problems so he can’t use that excuse.  So we are paying more than just his salary to have him be our town administrator. Again not a knock on Mr. Keegan or his ability, but in this whole town are the people we vote for telling us there is not one person living here that is not intelligent enough to do this job? That’s the message I’m getting from this. Also we are paying more than just his salary which I also feel is not fair because our tax dollars are paying for his gas and his room at the Hilton in addition to his salary.
    Do you remember the show Newhart? Some of the readership will, it was out in the 80’s and Bob Newhart owned an Inn and had Larry, Darryl, and there other brother Darryl as neighbors and one of the shows premises was that the small town citizens and officials were all either ignorant or simpletons. I’m wondering if our elected officials think this of us.

I’ll tell you right now I may not be qualified to be a town administrator, but I am college educated- I’m no simpleton nor is anybody in this town.  I’m sure we could find someone here that would be qualified to do the job instead of allowing this man to take the town hostage so he wouldn’t have to rent a U-haul and move here.
    I have friends that don’t live here that constantly ask me why I live in the "two steps forward three steps back" town. I still believe in this town and love living here, but this is an example of "two steps forward three steps back" just like the square project.  I’m not perfect. Nobody is, but anybody who can’t see this situation and this square project both being ridiculous needs to re-evaluate there thinking process.
Dan O’Neil

Avon Barksdale August 30, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Yeah, the track had to be resurfaced, that's why the contract included provisions for the construction company to come in and fix it if something went wrong. I'm not sure what Telling It Like It Is wanted, a new company to come in and do the work at additional cost? These things happen in construction projects, how about some credit to the SBRC for making sure that it got fixed and having the foresight to include it in the original contract. And yeah, the complex will be here and operational in 2037. See you at the track then.
Avon Barksdale August 30, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Dan, I don't really care to look into your background, it seems like you're just a blowhard on a blog. Take a sedative or something, enjoy life.
Avon Barksdale August 30, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Oh and Dan ... Hurricane Irene hit Dedham (as a tropical storm at that point) on August 29,2011 and you may remember that almost a million people in the region lost power. The reason this delayed the opening of the athletic complex is we needed NStar to complete the work on the lights, but they were unable to do so because it wasn't exactly their priority while they worked around the clock to restore electrical service to customers. The heavy rains also caused a delay in the pouring of the track, which required a curing period of about two weeks. So, imagine that, your statement that the hurricane "shouldn't have set back the field project nearly the entire fall considering it happened in June" was wildly inaccurate and uninformed. How surprising.
Dan O'Neil August 30, 2012 at 12:32 PM
I find it funny, I wrote another letter and actually rebutted Mr. Keegans comments and apologized for attacking him and yet you two a-holes are still attacking me on this letter. Here's the thing. Homes lost power in August due to Irene. That should not have delayed a field that much that in theory we should have had years ago. I'm done with you two so called scholars. Call me a blogger call me the devil call me what ever you want. At the end of the day I live in the real world, Enjoy fantasy land.I wish I could say it was real jabbing with you, but I don't think either of you deal in real terms so I'm out.
Avon Barksdale August 30, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Go ahead and run away Dan, if you can't understand why the field was delayed by a hurricane that hit just before a track was supposed to be poured and the power was supposed to be turned on I can't imagine what you possibly can understand. You might want to learn how to own up to your mistakes and simply say "oh, I was wrong about that" instead of cursing at people and calling them names when they correct you on your horrid errors.


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