Dedham Square Construction Expected To Be Done by Spring 2013

Lt. Gov. Murray took a tour of Dedham Square to take a look at the latest developments.

Lt. Governor Tim Murray took a tour of the construction in Dedham Square on Wednesday, and was very excited about the developments.  Massachusetts invested $1.7 million in order to renovate the infrastructure in Dedham.  And Lt. Gov. Murray was happy to see that small businesses were still strong in the area.

"My very recollections of this area date back to...prior being in state government... as a practicing attorney," Lt. Gov. Murray said.  "I had a chance to walk down with a fellow attorney and I got to see that this was a vibrant business district."

Lt. Gov. Murray expressed the importance of the project because it was creating construction jobs in the area.  And he was certain that after the project was complete, it will bring in a significant amount of pedestrian traffic for the local businesses in Dedham Square.

"One of the key issues that we keep hearing from small businesses, that are in business districts like this... are issues that deal with traffic, pedestrian friendly environments, and permits," Lt. Gov. Murray said.

And officials are promising that the construction will resolve those issues.  But it will still take some time for completion.

According to the planning committee, the curbs in Dedham Square should be completed by this fall.  However, the town will have to wait for Spring 2013 in order for the project to be considered complete.


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