Dedham Mitigation Committee Revises Application

The revised application will ask applicant if they are seeking alternate funds.

The Dedham Mitigation Committee is revising their application for their available funds of approximately $1 million, and it will soon be made available to town groups.

Mitigation Committee chair Cherylann Sheehan said initially when the committee was formed, the idea was to fund town projects that were adversely affected by either Legacy Place or Hebrew Senior Life. Some still believe that should be the case, she said, but in the past year they have funding town projects that have nothing to do with either.

This week, the committee has added a line to their application asking if the project under review is related somehow to Legacy Place or Hebrew Senior Life. The second addition was to ask if there were funds available elsewhere, and if they are being sought. The third is if the applicant has asked for funding from the town's Capital Expenditures Committee, a committee that uses town money to fund projects.

The application remains in draft form, and is expected to receive approval from Town Hall, and will be available next week.

The Mitigation Committee recommended giving out $540, 696 at the Town Meeting in May. Sheehan said some of the funding went to town departments such as fire, police and schools. 

Projects such as those, she said are easy to link to Hebrew Senior Life and Legacy Place because police and fire have more area to cover. The Dedham School's Youth Commission received funding because they started a program where students would work at Legacy Place for most of the school day then at 2:30 p.m. they begin school. Sheehan said it is a special program for students going into the workplace right after high school.

Some projects that Sheehan hopes to see seek alternate funding are ones that were not affected by either major development.

Last year, she said, with the state working on Washington Street, the Dedham Civic Pride beautification of the street was demolished.

Civic Pride members asked the committee for money and were denied because the state agreed to put the street back as it was, according to Sheehan.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they applied again," she said.

Once the Mitigation Committee finishes the application, town groups can begin submitting them. Anything that gets through the Mitigation Committee will still have to face Town Meeting in May 2011 for final approval.

The committee will next meet on Nov. 10 when applicants - or at least their proposals - are sure to be on the agenda.


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