Dedham Holds Annual 'Mini Town Meeting'

Articles brought up at the meeting include Article 24 and Article 34.

Dedham precinct chairmen hosted their annual District Chairmen's Warrant Review Meeting, also referred as the Mini Town Meeting, Monday night to discuss articles in this year's Warrant.

The purpose of the meeting is for residents and town officials to meet the week before the Annual Town Meeting to review and ask questions about the many articles on the Warrant.

Cheryl Schoenfeld, chairman of the district chairmen, said the meeting went well and she was pleased with the turnout by the town.

“I think it went very well and this year was very good because we generated more questions and more discussion and that’s what you want,” she said. “We have people from every precinct show up, all ages of people so it’s good to get the perspective.”

Some of the articles that were discussed include Article 34 which would authorize the town to seek three additional liquor licenses to be used at future establishments in Dedham Square Circle.

“People brought up questions," Schoenfeld said. "One question was ‘Do we really need three more liquor licenses in Dedham Square?’ we have seven now.”

“Someone brought up a point that they’re not specifically going to anyone right now. They want to be held in anticipation of a restaurant coming in so it would make it easier for them,” she said.

Schoenfeld said she is predicting the article may be a "hot topic" at Town Meeting.

Another article that was brought up was Article 24, which amends current town bylaws regarding noise pollution in town.

Under the proposed bylaw anyone causing or allowing any noise that is plainly audible at a distance of 150 feet would be subject to a warning, citation or fine of up to $300.

“The question was brought up ‘Who determines what’s noisy and what’s not?’ and it’s really the police officer who can determine it,” Schoenfeld said. “They said it’s the tone of a regular conversation, if you can hear something 150 yards away they’re going to say that’s too loud. And that would apply to anything. Electronic equipment, construction equipment, even alarms going off in homes.”

“It’s really for people that this happens to all the time,” she said.

During the meeting they also elected a chairman and a vice chairman of the precinct chairmen. Schoenfeld was named the chairman and Joe Findlen was elected vice chairman.

“Participation is wonderful. We would love to have more people come. It generates a lot of questions. People are thoughtful. You can see that people read through the warrant book and they really come prepared,” she said. “We put the town officials on the hot seat, in the firing line and they’re always up for the task. I’m just so happy that people take the time to come to the meeting.”

Dan O'Neil May 08, 2013 at 02:32 PM
I have no issue with the licenses and this noise thing is a complete waste of time. Let me guess the folks near the IACC are sick of the music from parties? Ugh this town sometimes. $300 fines for noise. We have people making bombs and killing people and folks are complaining about a little noise. Really?


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