Dedham Carbon Reduction to Equal Offsetting 2,700 Cars

The Siemens project is expected to be fully operational by summer of 2012.

The town's Siemens project has helped reduce energy costs by more than $91,000 since June 2010, according to figures given Thursday to the Board of Selectmen by a Siemens representative.

As Siemens continues to upgrade Dedham's energy systems, including boilers, pipes and lights, town officials are so far pleased with the immediate results - and savings - they've seen in just 18 months.

"What a leap forward to manage with data, and to already see [data] coming in, that is a joy," said selectman Paul Reynolds.

Dedham approved $12.3 million for the project, and so far has spent about $9 million. Town Administrator William Keegan said the remaining $3 million is to upgrade windows at town facilities, but that part of the project is on hold.

Siemens expects to have all new equipment and installations finished and commissioned by the summer of 2012, Roland Butzke, senior account executive for Siemens.

Dedham received federal funding on the roof of Town Hall and Dedham High School - which has helped offset the carbon footprint of each building.

Since August 2011, has generated more than 40,000 kilowatts of electricity. , which has a smaller set-up, has generated more than 6,000 kilowatts to date.

Combined the two photovoltaic systems have saved Dedham nearly $9,000, according to a live Web tracking tool.

Siemens predicts that the town's carbon reduction in a year will equate to taking 136 cars off the road once the project is completed.

By far, Dedham has seen the most savings by eliminating oil use at Town Hall and the , and vastly reducing oil consumption at the high school, Siemens figures show.

Through the Siemens project, many town buildings now use natural gas and electric as their primary source of energy, instead of oil.

"Not only does [natural gas] produces less greenhouse gases, but it is also more efficient to use," Butzke said.

He added natural gas is cleaner to run through equipment, making maintaince easier and less expensive.

"It is pretty significant what we are doing for the environment," said Butzke


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