Dedham 2014 Town Election: Jasset, Polito Win Respective Races

Chris Polito won the race for Board of Assessors, while Leanne Jasset won the Board of Health race.

Leanne Jasset, left, and Chris Polito. Credit: Leanne Jasset and Christopher Polito.
Leanne Jasset, left, and Chris Polito. Credit: Leanne Jasset and Christopher Polito.

Dedham voters voiced their top choices for two new Dedham Selectmen on Saturday, with Dennis Teehan and Dennis Guilfoyle winning the eight-person race for two seats on the board. 

In Dedham's other races, Chris Polito won over opponent George Panagopoulos for Board of Assessors, while Leanne Jasset won over Jason P. Brogan for the single Board of Health seat. 

The results from Saturday's election are as follows, according to the Dedham town website

Board of Selectmen (2 seats, 3 years)

  • Brendan Keough: 1,469
  • Mary E. Gilbert: 1,054
  • Dennis J. Teehan: Jr. 1,797
  • Cheryl A. Schoenfeld: 1,105
  • Kenneth P. Gilchrist: 158
  • Dennis J. Guilfoyle: 1,899
  • Dan O'Neil, Jr.: 201
  • Thomas M. Boncek: 105

Board of Assessors (1 seat, 3 years)

  • George Panagopoulos: 1,794
  • Christopher Polito: 2,158

Moderator (1 seat, 3 years)

  • Daniel Driscoll: 2,827

School Committee (2 open seats)

  • Thomas M. Ryan: 2,583
  • Susan Butler Walko: 2,368

Board of Health (1 seat, 3 years)

  • Leanne Jasset: 2,651
  • Jason P. Brogan: 1,473

Planning Board (1 seat, 5 years)

  • Michael A. Padolski: 2,921

Library Trustees (2 seats, 3 years)

  • Rachel H. Forsyth-Tureck: 2,028
  • Margaret M. Connolly: 2,412

Comm Trust Funds (1 seat, 3 years)

  • Brian MB Keaney:  2,468

Parks and Recreation (2 seats, 3 years)

  • Daniel F. Hart, Jr.: 2,541
  • James Maher: 2,401

Housing Authority (1 seat, 5 years)

  • Mary Louise Munchbach: 2,725

To see the results for Town Representative for each of Dedham's seven precincts, click here. 


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