Dedham 2014 Candidate Profile: Thomas Boncek, Board of Selectmen

Get a deeper look at who's running in this year's races for the Dedham Town Election.

Credit: Thomas Boncek
Credit: Thomas Boncek

Editor's Note: The following profile is part of a series highlighting the candidates running for seats in contested races as part of this year's town election, which takes place on Saturday, April 12. Dedham Patch is looking to showcase why the candidates are running and what they hope to bring to the table. Check back leading up to the election for more profiles on the candidates. If you’re a candidate and would like to have a profile included, please email mattp@patch.com for more information.

Thomas Boncek is running for Board of Selectmen this April against Dennis Teehan, Mary Gilbert, Kenneth Gilchrist, Cheryl Schoenfeld, Brendan Keough, Dennis Guilfoyle and Dan O'Neil. 

Dedham Patch recently spoke with him regarding his campaign. For more information on Boncek, click here.

Why are you running? 

I am running  to give integrity, backbone, and positive deductive reasoning into all the aspects of being an elected official. 

What do you hope to accomplish on the board (or committee)? 

I hope to accomplish a more approachable town government, that residents, whether they be voters or not, get treated as equals.

What do you see is the most pressing issue facing Dedham right now in relation to the seat for which you're running? 

Our most pressing issue is of course the opening for Town Administrator, although when you think about it, all issues are pressing or they would not be issues, I plan to resolve them in the utmost professional manner within the scope of the town charter.

Name one unique idea you would like to bring to the table if elected in April.

A unique idea I would promote would be to have more education on why the town is zoned the way it is and to be more owner friendly toward variances. Not many people know what I can bring to the table. I was flunking medic school, and instead of giving up I tried twice as hard and passed with a B in the first semester and became a paramedic after two more semesters. I hadn't been to school in awhile and was overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to absorb. So I respectfully ask for your one of your votes on April 12 to move into the future with a positive attitude. 

What is one thing voters might not know about you? 

I have worked as a 911 paramedic, computer technician, and at the present I run my own business. 


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