Video: Open House At Madison Police Department

Police Chief Jack Drumm Revives Event Not Seen In Recent Years

The recent open house at the Madison Police Department was the first one held in 18 years according to Chief of Police Jack Drumm.  In addition to tours of the department  citizens were able to see a rollover simulator utilizing crash dummies demonstrating the effects of a rollover crash on unbelted passengers. Members of the Shoreline Regional SWAT Team were also on hand with a display of weapons and other tactical devices.

 First Selectman Fillmore McPherson was present and told us that he believed the event was indicative of positive changes brought to the department by Chief Drumm. 

"It has been a number years since we’ve had a police open house. I think it’s a symbol of what a great change he has brought to the department. If you look back over the years comparing the department of today and the department of yesterday it’s night and day and one of the amazing things is that it’s a lot of the same policeman. I’ll say it due to the leadership of Chief Drumm and the new police commission."


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