Police: Employee At Dedham Retail Store Steals From Customer

The following excerpts are from Dedham Police reports. The arrest information does not indicate a conviction.

Dedham police have charged an employee at a retail store at Legacy Place with stealing a wallet and cell phone from a customer on Sunday.

The customer had left her wallet and iphone in the dressing room of Love Couture, a women's clothing shop, and exited to find new clothes, just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday.  When she returned just 6 minutes later, the items were gone, according to a Dedham police report.

After reviewing surveillance cameras, Dedham Police found that two female employees of the store entered the room while the customer was gone.

Dedham police determined that the two employees were also roommates and one was still working at  Love Couture while the second went home for the day with an unexpected illness.

The employee at the store said she did not take the items and when she contacted her “ill” roommate, she had admitted to taking both the cell phone and wallet, the report stated. 

The “ill” suspect admitted to throwing away the wallet in a thrash barrel at Legacy Place and was uncooperative with returning the cell phone.

Police charged both employees with larceny.  Police did not name the suspects.


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