Dedham Police Sponsor Anti-Bullying Seminar

Dedham Police promote the idea that supporting a bully, or simply standing around and not helping a victim, is not acceptable.


Thanks to the continued efforts of Chief Michael D'Entremont, the Dedham Police Department once again sent School Resource Officer Ron Pucci out to “make the rounds” at the town's four elementary schools.

His message to the fourth and fifth grade students around Dedham- bullying is a crime! 

Armed with an easy to follow four-part video, Officer Pucci visited each school and did an excellent job presenting the facts about teasing, taunting, name calling and harassment. This is Ron Pucci's eleventh year on the force, his fifth  year working with the students and teachers in all of our schools.

A Dedham native himself, Pucci's message comes across – even to these 10 to 11 year-old students, straight from the heart. 

Currently, there are over 2,500 students attending the Dedham Public  Schools (not including an additional 300 plus at the E.C.E.C.).  Officer Pucci has dedicated himself to these kids and our town.

He knows many of their names, their families, and certainly understands the law. 

With so much National attention focused on this subject, bullying and the fallout from it, is a very important topic. Pucci explained, that there are many ways to deal with bullies, and many people – himself included – that are there to help.

In this day and age, supporting a bully, or simply standing around and not helping a victim, is not acceptable. It is the goal of our Administrators, teachers, and police officers, to make our schools a safe environment and a neighborhoods a safe place to live.

No matter how young or how old you may be, there is always help available. Thanks to the Dedham Police Department and to our schools for their continued support!


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