Dedham Police Respond to Crack-Cocaine Use, Put Down Injured Deer

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

Friday, Jan. 17

At 7 a.m., police responded to High Street on a report of an injured deer. Upon arrival, officers discovered the animal to the side of the road in the woods, in obvious distress and suffering from two broken rear legs. As a result, officers were forced to put the animal down. 

At around 4:17 p.m., while working paid DPW detail on Hooper Road, an officer was approached by an individual wearing black makeup around his eyes and a black bandana. The individual asked the officer several questions about being able to carry a large knife and whether it was legal. According police records, the man became angry at the officer's answers and said that it was his right as an American to carry a knife and protect himself before leaving the scene without incident. 

Thursday, Jan. 16.

At 11:45 a.m., police responded to the area of Bussey Street on a report of a suspicious person in the area. A resident told police that her 8-year-old daughter was playing in the back yard when at one point ran back inside the house to inform her mother that she saw an unknown man in the back yard with her. Once the girl noticed the man, she became frightened and ran to the opposite side of the house and into her apartment, according to police records. She then stated that she saw the man running away from the house down the sidewalk towards Colburn Street. The person was described as a white man, about 30 years old, with a height of about 5-feet, 5-inches, of medium build and wearing a dark jacket. The man did not verbally communicate with the girl, according to police records. 

Wednesday, Jan. 15

At 9:30 a.m., a resident reported to police that her vehicle had been entered the previous evening, though stated that the vehicle had been locked. As she went to use her car during the morning hours, the resident found her glove compartment opened and it had appeared that someone had rifled through it. The individual told police she did not think anyone had taken anything from the vehicle. 

Tuesday, Jan. 14

At 10:30 p.m., police responded to a report of three suspicious persons entering a basement of a local residents. Upon arrival, a resident informed police that two males and a female entered the basement and one of them was carrying a suitcase. Police spoke with one of the males, who claimed he and his friend were getting light bulbs for his mother's apartment, although he was not carrying any light bulbs during the discussion, according to police records. 

Police then spoke with the other male before discovering the female squatting in the far end of the basement with a lighter in one hand and a glass pipe in the other. Upon further discussion, the female told police she was homeless and her boyfriend and his friend said they had a place she could stay. When asked what she was doing when police arrived, the female said she was smoking crack, and told police she had smoked it all prior to police arrival. Police then asked for an ambulance to be sent to the residence to transport the three to an area hospital.


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