Dedham Police Reminds Residents to Use MedReturn Box

The MedReturn Box is located in the lobby of the Dedham Police Department.


Dedham Police would like to remind residents that there is a MedReturn Box located in their Department Lobby thanks to the efforts of the Dedham Police Department, District Attorney Morrissey’s Office, IMPACT Quincy, COVANATA
Energy, and Bay State Community Services.

The MedReturn Box allows the safe disposal of unwanted prescription drugs as well as over the counter drugs.

The Department has had the MedReturn Box since 2011 and has been able to collect over 250Lbs. of these drugs.

"Proper disposal is essential as drugs from landfills and flushed down toilets are being detected in groundwater,” the department said in a statement. "Furthermore it is important to note that “over half of first time opiate use now involves drugs taken out of the medicine cabinets of family or friends.”

It is important to note that needles should not be disposed of in the MedReturn Box.


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