Dedham Police Logs: Underage Drinking, Shoplifting, and Marijuana

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.


Wednesday, September 5

(8:49 p.m.) According to police reports, a woman was caught shoplifting from a store on Bussey Street.  When officers arrived and met with the Loss Prevention Officer, she had already been detained.  Surveilance observed her taking several eyeglasses from the store without paying for them.  The value of these items was $170.  She was notified by police that she will be summonsed to Dedham District Court.

Friday, September 7

(9:11 p.m.)- Dedham Police were on patrol because of the large crowd for Dedham High's football game.  Two officers took two youth into custody for underage drinking.  The two were observed drinking Bud Light Beer from cans.  Once the two youth arrived at the station they were allowed to contact their parents.  Once the parent's arrived at the station they were informed about the reason their children were there.  And they were advised that Juvenile Officer Matthies will be in contact with them.

(11:13 p.m.)- There were already some issues with underage drinking, but there was one teen who was "agitated" and shouting vulgarity.  He was told to leave the high school property.  The teen was about to leave the property but he then started to shout "Dedham cops suck." At that point the officers warned them that he needed to leave or he will be arrested for trespassing.

The teen came back with one of his friends ten minutes later- shouting vulgarities while there were young children in the area. That's when both teens were placed under arrest.

Saturday, September 8

(9:12 p.m.)- The Dedham Police responded to a call that a young man was smoking marijuana at the Dedham Mall inside the restroom.  Officers arrived on the scene and they did find an adolescent grinding a "small" amount of marijuana. The officers destroyed the marijuana by flushing it down the toilet, took the male  into custody, and notified his parents.

Monday, September 10

(6:37 a.m.) A vehicle was broken into at Legacy Place.  The door was left open, and the contents were all over the vehicle.  The ignition looked intact, according to police reports, however slightly loose.  A pocket book in the front seat came back to the owner, and it did not look disturbed.


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