Dedham Police Logs: Shoplifting, Identity Theft, and More

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.


Tuesday, September 18

(11:20 a.m.) According to police reports, two women were caught shoplifting at a local store.  They were observed by the store's loss prevention employee selecting merchandise, going to the self-checkout register.  One of the women only scanned $132.01 worth of products- there was $303.52 worth of products in her bag.  The other woman paid for $45.34 worth of merchandise, but she had taken $152.16 worth of merchandise.  Both parties were placed under arrest, trespassed from the store, and were told not to ever return to the store. 

Thursday, September 20

(9:58 a.m.) According to police reports, a man was trying to file his 2011 income tax in March.  He never received his refund, so he decided to call the IRS to find out the status.  That's when he was told that it was already filed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with his information in January. As a result, his claim has been under investigation for the last few months.  Dedham Police gave him a identity theft packet and informed him to contact the credit reporting agencies to put an alert on his personal information.

(6:13 p.m.) A woman called Dedham police because she was trying to file her income taxes, but found out that someone already filed in July with her information.  According to the IRS, they are withholding her refund check because of the two claims.  She was then instructed by the IRS to complete a police report.  Dedham police then informed her to go back and check her bank records for any unusual activity, and to call if she finds any transactions she didn't make.

Friday, September 21

(7:57 a.m.) There was a woman who was trying to pull out of her parking space at 1000 President's Way, but she felt her vehicle drop in the rear.  When she looked at her wheels- she noticed that the lug nuts were removed from the wheels.  Dedham Police is still investigating the situation.

(6:55 p.m.) Dedham Police arrived at the Washington St. entrance of Sears because of a shoplifting call.  There was a man who was leaving a store with a video game in his hand.  The man told police that he was going to get money from his car, and that was the reason why he didn't pay for it.  But then police discovered that he had more games concealed in his waist, and had stolen the hat that he was wearing.  He was placed under arrest.

Saturday, September 22

(1:28 p.m.) Dedham Police arrived to a pharmacy in East Dedham Plaza for a report of a shoplifter.  The were also told that their loss prevention team was trying to detain the suspect, but he kept trying to leave the store.  He kept telling the police that he wasn't stealing anything, and that he wanted to get his wallet from his car.However, personnel observed him taking and carrying items in a basket- but then they would disappear.  Then they observed him taking more items and eventually place them in the bag that he was carrying.  The amount of products that he took totaled $369.26 worth of products.  After recovering the items- he was placed under arrest.



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