Dedham Police Logs: Shoplifting, Credit Card Fraud and More

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.


Monday, Dec. 10

(3:10 p.m.) According to police reports, there was a female shoplifter who was being held in custody at a store on Providence Hwy.  Upon arrival police were informed that they observed the suspect conceal $71.39 worth of merchandise into a gift bag.  She then attempted to leave the store without purchasing the items, but was stopped by Loss Prevention personnel.  A check with dispatch revealed to police that she already had two warrants for her arrest.  She was then placed under arrest and booked at the police station.


Wednesday, Dec. 12

(2:21 p.m.) According to police reports, an officer was on patrol and then noticed a motorist in the Bed Bath & Beyond parking lot, flagging him down and informed him that a woman had her car broken into. 

The owner of the vehicle told police that she was in the store for only twenty minutes.  But when she came out, she noticed that the passenger side window was smashed.  According to reports, she had a Yankee Candle bag with new candles, her iPad mini, an Express bag filled with new clothes and her purse containing seven credit cards taken. 


Friday, Dec. 14

(10:04 p.m.) Police were dispatched to Legacy Place because there was a report of credit card fraud.  According to reports, there was a couple attempting to use a fraudulant credit card.  The first suspect is described as "a black female, 5' 6", heavy set, wearing a red jacket and a black bandana."  The second suspect was "a black male, 6' 1", heavy set, wearing a black jacket." 

The couple tried to use a fraudulent MasterCard to purchase $209.40 in clothing. However, the cashier would not allow use of the card because of a mismatch of the numbers on the receipt and the numbers on the card.  According to reports, the couple was able to grab the card from the cashier and leave the store. 


Saturday, Dec. 15

(10:48 a.m.) According to reports, police are trying to locate two suspects who stole electronic merchandise from a local store.  The store showed police surveillance video of two black males entering the store, one wearing a green winter jacket with a hood, a winter hat, grey pants, gray hooded sweatshirt and black shoes.  The second suspect was wearing a baseball cap, black jacket, red shirt, jeans and tan work boots.

According to surveillance footage, the suspects first walked over to a Mac Book laptop and appeared to be inspecting it.  The Loss Prevention personnel assumed that they were trying to figure out how to cut the security tag.  But after the suspects placed the laptop down, the suspect in the green jacket picks up a Bose Sound Link (valued at $279.99) and then walks to the back of the aisle.  At that point police were unable to see what was going on, but later discovered the empty box.  The second suspect then took a Bose sound dock (valued at $199.99), took of his jacket and then hangs the item over his right shoulder.

When they attempted to leave the store, a greeter tried to speak with the suspects to stop them.  But they refused and continued to walk out the door.  Police are now in the process of identifying the individuals.


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