Dedham Police Logs: Angry Mother, Stolen Money, and an Upset Customer

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.

Saturday, September 1

(1:36 p.m.)- A gentleman reported that he left his debit card in an ATM machine.  He reported that a man with a Puerto Rican license plate was able to return his card, but when he checked his account- money was withdrawn without his authorization.  Police forwarded the information to a detective who will look into the incident further.


Sunday, September 2

(2:33 p.m.)- Two women and a child were eating at a restaurant in Legacy Place.  According to employees, the child was starting to be disruptive- up to the point that other customers were complaining.  When the women were asked to quiet the child, they became hostile towards the employees.

Eventually, the women were so fed up, they walked out of the restaurant without paying for their meal.  When they were getting approached by security at the parking lot- they drove off.

Security was able to get their license plate number.


(7:08 p.m.)- A female customer was upset after not being able to use her CVS Green Dot card. The customer kicked and damaged the exit door while leaving the store.  The manager was advised by police to contact them right away if she returned.



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