Dedham Police Log: IRS Fraud, Multiple Vehicle Break-ins and More

The following information was provided by the Dedham Police Department. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate conviction.


Wednesday, April 10

(8:57 p.m.) There was a woman who was shoplifting at the Dedham Mall, according to police reports.  The Loss Prevention team at the store observed the woman conceal multiple items at then attempted to leave the store without paying for them and was stopped and brought to the office. The value of the items was $465.90.  The woman was arrested.

Friday, April 12

(12:36 a.m.) A car was broken into at the T.G.I. Fridays parking lot, according to reports.  The passenger side front window was smashed and the owner's purse was taken.

(7:48 a.m.)  Dedham police arrived at the Dedham Service Center because at least five vehicles were broken into.  The speakers and radios were taken out from each of the vehicles, according to police reports.

(2:03 p.m.)  A car dealership reported to Dedham Police that a radio and navigation system was stolen from a vehicle that was going to be pickup up by a the customer.

(5:27 p.m.)  A car dealership on Providence Highway reported to Dedham Police that three of their vehicles were broken into.  A report was filed.

(6:01 p.m.)  Owne Motors reported to Dedham Police that several vehicles were broken into. A report was filed.

Sunday, April 14

(9:28 a.m.)  A man reported to Dedham Police that his debit card was fraudulently used.  A report was filed. 

(12:29 p.m.)  A woman reported to Dedham Police to report identity theft.  She explained that someone used her social security number to file taxes.  The IRS will investigate the matter.


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