Dedham Man Pleads Not Guilty in Westwood Dunkin Donuts Robberies

A Rosindale man was also charged in the case by the Westwood Police.

Westwood Police
Westwood Police
Kevin W. Hanafin, 23, of Wiggins Avenue in Dedham and Frank Ingemi, 23, of Wyvern Street in Rosindale both plead not guilty to robbing the same Westwood Dunkin Donuts earlier this year after being charged by Westwood police.

Both Hanafin and Ingemi, who police say are friends, were held on bail. It was $15,000 for Hanfin and $30,000 for Ingemi. The district attorney's office asked for $50,000 bail for both. Hanafin and Ingemi are due back in court Jan. 3 for a pre-trial conference.

The Westwood Dunkin Donuts was held up March 12 and July 7.

There is an ongoing investigation into robberies in and around Boston in recent months. Both Hanafin and Ingemi were arrested at the homes by detectives as part of the ongoing investigation into a series of armed robberies of Dunkin Donuts location in the area and around Boston in recent months, according to the Norfolk DA's office.

 “These men are charged only with these two robberies and no others at this time,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “We understand that the investigation remains active and ongoing.”


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