Dedham Cops Arrest Trio in Alleged Identity Theft, Credit Fraud Scheme

Dedham Police arrested three people last week at Sears after they purchased nearly $1,000 on a Sears card opened with a fake driver's license.

Three people face charges related to a case of identity theft, credit card fraud and stolen property.

Dedham Police arrested Eugene Anthony Morgan, 45 of Providence, R.I.; Dwight Croutear, 46 of Pawtucket, R.I.; and Louisa Wells, 43 of Dorchester, on Thursday at .

Police allege that Wells opened a store card at Sears and immediately purchased nearly $1,000 worth of electronics - an XBox game system, a handheld Playstation game system and a 32-inch television - then headed back into the store and went to the jewelry counter to try to purchase $1,200 worth of merchandise.

A store employee told police that Wells used a Rhode Island driver's license to open the account, but he believed it to be fake after he saw "this is a facsimile" written on the back of the card, police reports stated.

As Wells and Morgan were inside Sears, Dedham officer Richard Porro said in his report that Croutear was waiting in the car outside, and at first didn't admit that he was with the other two people.

When Porro went into Sears, he stated he saw Wells with a "low quality counterfeit license" in her hand. Wells initially denied that the ID was fake, according to Porro. The card also had information for a different woman, but with Wells' picture, police said.

Wells was charged with credit card fraud over $250, using a fake driver's license and identity fraud. 

Meanwhile, Morgan allegedly attempted to buy other merchandise using a check and what police say was a stolen South Carolina driver's license. Porro said he found pieces of paper with names and personal information in a store bathroom after Morgan was seen on video camera attempting to flush something down a toilet, according to police.

Morgan denied using a check to buy anything at the store and said he didn't know what the other two people were up to, according to reports.

When police ran the name on the stolen license, it came back to someone wanted for conspiracy in Attleboro, but when questioned about his identity again, Morgan gave police his real name - Eugene Anthony Morgan - who is wanted in Stonington, Conn., on unreleased charges.

Morgan is charged with receiving stolen property, being a fugitive from justice, and using a false name and providing false information to police.

Croutear, who police found sitting in the car outside Sears, was charged with receiving stolen property worth over $250. Porro stated that his car had other items purchased with checks and credit cards and that he had a number of gift cards on him that "are commonly purchased with fraudulent credit cards."

Police said they are going to continue the investigation and that more charges may be coming.


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