What's on Dedham's Gift List?

We had some fun and came up with some presents for the town this holiday season.

This time of year the , personified, has plenty of reasons to want some presents.

The eight days of Hanukkah, Christmas - and least we forget its monumental 375th birthday.

We put together a few things that the town as a whole should get for presents - but have some fun and add your own.

  • A successful new Avery Elementary School opening. Students are slated to after April vacation for the final two months of the school year, so here's to a continued on-target opening.
  • A $100 million gift certificate. The town's budget - when all said and done - for fiscal year 2012 , and with inflation, rising health care costs and bargained wage increases, it's sure to go over $100 million once again.
  • Smooth Square. The Dedham Square Improvement Project is on the calendar to start in April, with construction bids expected in January. Let's hope for an on-target bid and a smooth project.
  • Avery Arts. The finished its work and recommended for the heart of East Dedham. Now it's up to the selectmen and Town Meeting to take the next steps to make it a reality.
  • To your health. And finally, one thing that everyone in Dedham would benefit from is a safe and healthy 2012!


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