Mill Pond Park Sculpture Vandalized


On one of my endless jaunts around town, my 10 year-old daughter and I were cutting through East Dedham and “stopped” at the Stop sign at the corner of Colburn St. and Curve St. Before I could return my foot to the gas, she said “Whoa, look at the fish!”

I pulled over to the side, and stared vacantly at the Charles… As the seconds elapsed in silence, she asked “why would they do that?” I still had no idea what she was talking about, until she told me to look at the statue. 

I remember seeing a photo and reading a story months ago (July 2012) with local artist/sculpture Gints Grinbergs standing proudly by the metal large-mouthed bass piece.

Mr. Grinbergs designed, produced and donated this work of art to the Town of Dedham and it was put in place at the newly renovated Mill Pond Park. His inspiration came from all of the hard work that people have been doing to cleanup Mother Brook.

I remember glancing over at the sculpture – as it glistened in the sunlight – countless times, while stopped at the Stop sign over the Summer. This was a beautiful addition to the cobblestones and trees that had been laid in place at this corner. 

But now, someone(?) had almost pried or cut or bent this work of art right off it's base.

We sat there quietly for a moment, until I said “Unbelievable, looks like someone tried to steal it.” Eternally optimistic, my daughter shot back with “maybe it just fell over” (yeah right) “maybe it was an accident…”

My answer to her, “I think someone wanted it in their living room – or was going to sell it for scrap metal – or maybe someone sat on it…” 

We sat there for a moment longer, she thought about it long and hard and asked me once again “Why would they do that?” I leaned over and gave her a kiss on top of the head and could only answer her with: “I don't know Kara – why would they do that…”

Dan O'Neil December 13, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I live in East Dedham not far from Colburn and that makes me sick. You know the good residents here want to see East Dedham revitalized and I think the sculpture and clean up, The work on the park and ball field at Condon have been nice starts to that and then some knucklehead(s) have to do this. It makes me sick. It's crap like this that makes the town pause at doing more here. It's a damn shame.


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