Letter to the Editor: Thanks to the Town for Finding Buttercup

Buttercup was missing for four days, but has now reunited with her family.


Dear Editor:

Miracles do still happen in this world! 

Our Akita Buttercup was lost in the Legacy Place Mall area Monday night, Nov. 12. 

There was little that could be done that night, and Tuesday it rained.  Even throughout Wednesday, there were no sightings of her and we were sure there was little hope. 

I determined I would blanket the area with flyers nevertheless and hope for a miracle. 

Then the first sighting came, in the neighborhood adjacent to the Red Cross Blood Donation center. 

Along with Dedham Animal Control officer Liz Taylor (a wonderful, caring woman Dedham is lucky to have!), we walked the area all day, just missing Buttercup each time. 

Finally, as we were ready to quit for the day, a sighting came from the Wentworth Street area.  I started walking the green field behind the fence, calling her name, and there came Buttercup, running straight into my arms. 

We are deeply grateful, and awed that the neighborhood came together to help this dog and her owners, complete strangers to them. 

Sometimes angels do walk amongst us, and there are many in the Rustcraft, Central, and Jersey Street area by the Red Cross Blood Donation Center. 

In particular, along with Dedham Animal Control Officer Liz Taylor, I would like to thank Liza DelloIacono and her two wonderful daughters, along with the Brigham and Womens nurse on West Jersey Street and her sister (one of them owns a beautiful Rottweiler), as well as everyone who helped look and helped establish the Facebook page that was keeping track of sightings.  

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our hearts! 

Jon and Sally Sauer.


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