Letter to the Editor: MBACC Thanks Dedham Shines

The Mother Brook Arts and Community Center recognizes all of the hard work and effort that was done by Dedham Shines.

Dear Editor:

MBACC would like to recognize Dedham Shine's extraordinary efforts to promote the arts in Dedham.  The recent Dedham Public Art Project captured the hearts, mind and spirit of Dedham - and countless other in New England and around the country - who learned the story of the "crouching rabbit" as the featured icon in Dedham's acclaimed Dedham Pottery, which made a significant contribution to the arts and crafts movement.   

Beyond the symbolic statement, and spotlight it gave to the hugely talented artists in our community,  one will never be able to calculate the love and joy this public art project generated among children, families and visitors who fell in love with these extraordinary pieces of art.  

The entire board of Mother Brook Arts and Community Center (MBACC) would also like to publicly thank Dedham Shines and the entire Dedham Public Art Project Team for naming our organization as the beneficiary of the project's proceeds.  The road ahead for our new Center is exciting - but a long and challenging one - as we start up and launch what we hope will bring decades of arts & culture programming with economic ripples that will reverberate in East Dedham and the entire town.  Dedham Shine's creative partnership, advocacy, and financial assistance will help Dedham shine for generations to come. 


With deepest thanks,


Bob Miller


Mother Brook Arts and Community Center

Jay Donahue November 17, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Hey, Fred don't be so judgmental over one word. We meant to say "a beneficiary" not "the beneficiary". Don't quibble when we are thanking Dedham Shines for all their hard work. Jay Donahue
Paul Reynolds November 17, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Fred - Sounds like you're just not aware that Dedham Shines/DPAP that specifically named Mother Brook Arts & Community Center as one of the beneficiaries. - just look at their site, sponsor forms, FAQ, etc. Dedham Shines deserves the thanks for their generosity and hard work - and its exciting to see many groups working toward a common vision of a strong arts community that pulls people together - just like those beautiful rabbits did - just as new Arts Center will. Let's cheer them ALL on - not make it harder for anyone who is working to make Dedham shine. Paul Reynolds
Fred Civian November 17, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Jay - Sorry for my overreaction. I apologize. You all are doing a great job and I - like everybody else in Town - can't wait to see the good work you do with your share of the Bunny Money. Fred
Fred Civian November 17, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Paul - Yes, publicity information for the Bunnies listed MBACC as one of the ways that Dedham Shines supports the arts in Dedham. And I think MBACC is a great candidate for funding. It's also important that other arts organizations know that they also have a shot at getting support from the Bunny public arts project. Your support of Dedham Shines as it takes the time to make wise funding decisions helps all of us who are working to make Dedham a thriving place for the Arts. . Fred
Paul Reynolds November 17, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Thanks Fred. All good. I'm excited about our growing network of arts/music/culture organizations - including thriving organizations like Dedham School of Music - who are showing how creativity & collaboration can energize a vibrant community. As even Richard Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago, admitted, "Politicians don't bring people together. Artists do." Cheering on ALL our civic-minded creatives out there! - Paul


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