Editors' Picks: Best Holiday Movies

Your team of local editors weighs in on their favorite holiday films of all time.

Editor's Note: The following is part of a special "end-of-the-year" series in which local editors from your nearby Patch towns highlight their favorites in various topics.  

What is your favorite holiday film of all time? 

Kelly Glista - Editor, Norwood Patch

I have to pick two, because I have a “classic” choice and a more modern one. First of all - “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I know it’s an easy pick, but it really is one of those holiday films for me that never gets tired. My second pick is “The Family Stone.” I won’t lie, I watch it every holiday season and I cry every time, but it’s a beautiful story with a lot of fun and heartwarming moments – without being too overly cheesy.

Dan Libon - Editor, Wrentham Patch

"Die Hard." It takes place on Christmas Eve and that's good enough for me! There may be no Santa, Frosty, or Rudolph, but who needs them when you have Bruce Willis trying to be with his family for Christmas while taking down terrorists?

Kelly Mello - Editor, Norton Patch

"Nightmare Before Christmas". Not only can you enjoy this unique Tim Burton classic at Halloween time, but it's perfect for Christmas as well. 

Jeremie Smith - Editor, Foxborough Patch

"National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation." This is a Christmas classic that parodies the stress of the holidays and trying to have that “perfect” Christmas. Chevy Chase’s subtle humor and one-liners are top notch, as I always seem to laugh a little harder the next time I watch the 1989 Christmas comedy.

Pat Maguire - Editor, Easton Patch

"Home Alone." This movie is good any time of year, but it is definitely best to watch during the holidays. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern getting their clocks cleaned by a young Macaulay Culkin never gets old. It's the perfect film to make you laugh and get you in the holiday spirit.

Ben Paulin - Editor, Walpole Patch

"A Christmas Story" is my favorite Christmas movie because it's on TV all day on Christmas Day. So even if you miss a part or two, you can still catch it later in the day. I love the parts when Ralphie comes down stairs in his pink bunny suit and when he beats up the red-headed bully.

Jeff Pickette - Editor, Stoughton Patch

My favorite holiday movie is "Home Alone," either the first or second one with Macaulay Culkin. I remember loving these movies when I was younger. Though most remembered for its slapstick humor, it's a story of a mom that will stop at nothing to make sure she can spend the holiday with her son, and a son who realizes how much he appreciates his family. 

Jonathan Friedman - Editor, Attleboro-Seekonk Patch

"Bad Santa". When it comes to covering the news, I'm all serious. But when it comes to watching movies, I prefer to laugh. I have seen this film numerous times and I laugh hysterically during each viewing. The movie stars Billy Bob Thornton as Willie T. Stokes, a mall Santa with moral issues. He is a thief, has a filthy mouth and is generally not a man you'd like to meet—much less have speaking to your children.

Jeff Sullivan - Editor, Mansfield Patch

I would have to say the biggest holiday movie we ever had in our house growing up was Denis Leary's "The Ref". I guess that choice lends itself to the kind of house I grew up in, but it was something that we all really enjoyed because it helped to show us that when families argue it's never really as important as how we feel about each other. (Oh, yeah and Denis Leary is hysterical, that helped too. I learned most swear words from that movie.)

Want to weigh in? Let us know what your favorite holiday film of all time is! Tell us in the comments section below!

Dan O'Neil December 25, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I can't believe Elf didn't make anyone's favorite's here.
Kelly A. Mello December 26, 2012 at 03:37 AM
"Elf" is a great one too. Watched that tonight. "You sit on a throne of lies!"


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