Count Us In: Dedham Food Pantry

You can count on the Dedham Food Pantry to serve families in need.


There are many organizations that exist to help feed families in need.  But there is one organization that does this while not receiving any government funding and does not have any paid employees. 

The Dedham Food Pantry believes that there is only one purpose, and that is to provide healthy food for those in need.

"One thing that we have a lot of now is perishable foods," Vice President of the pantry, Lindsay Barich said. "You can't just have canned foods all the time."

The organizers believe that it's important for families in need to receive items like eggs, milk, meat, and vegetables.  But getting the food is becoming more of a challenge.

"Our biggest problem is picking up the food," Barich said. "I have my own transportation company and I'll have my own help to pick up the food. But it would be great to get volunteers to help pick up the food on the weekends."

Every week the pantry picks up food to help serve 250 families in the area.  And they have close to 150 volunteers to help.

Families would register with the pantry and then placed on a list.  When they arrive they are able to get two shopping bags worth of food.

"Their probably getting about $80 worth of food here," Barich said.

Those who receive help from the pantry are also able to receive detergent once a month and other necessary items like toilet paper.

But there are people who feel hesitant about going to the pantry.  That's why the pantry believes in creating the right environment so people are able to put their pride aside.

"We have a lot of professional people who you never thought needed the pantry," Barich said. "Especially, the elderly who are too proud. That's why we have days like Senior Wednesday, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m."

Right now the Dedham Food Pantry is gearing up for the holiday season, and they're happy that there will be food drives like the Turkey Trot to help collect food for the pantry.  But Barich feels that the pantry can be more resourceful with money.

"The food drives help, but we do try to get money," Barich said. "Because we can get food by the pound at certain stores, money gives us more power. We don't have paid employees, no support from the town of Dedham; and we don't have to pay for rent. Everything that comes in goes to purchase food."

Lindsay Barich has been volunteering his time with the pantry for over 15 years.  And he is hoping that they can expand in the near future so they can help more families in need.

Antonella Perry November 09, 2012 at 01:34 PM
great article. It's wonderful that there are people so generous and charitable.


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